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 Homemade Valentine's Gifts

Heartfelt handmade gifts are a joy to make and give for any reason, but at Valentine's Day a homemade gift speaks volumes about your feelings.

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How to Make Heart Felt Hand Crafted Valentine Gifts and Cards

Anyone can shop for the usual Valentine's Day sentimental gifts - cards, flowers and candy are available everywhere.

But a handmade card, home baked goodies or hand crafted gift are one of a kind, and if you make it yourself, they're only available from you. If you aren't an artist or you're not very crafty, you can find plenty of great crafty gift ideas and hand made gifts for sale online or in local craft shops.

Make a Gift for Valentine's Day to show your love and affection.

Crafty Valentine Gift Ideas

Shopping online is a great way to get ideas, too. Even if you're planning to make a Valentine gift or card on your own,

browsing through selections of

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handmade selections is inspiring for romantic ideas and free patterns.

Many sites (this one included) offer free printable Valentine cards, funny or romantic Valentine clip art and craft templates for making Valentine paper crafts.

Simply add your own special touches or handwritten greetings and sentiments to printable cards and template paper crafts.

Even a simple printed or store bought greeting card with glitter, ribbons or lace added to it becomes one-of-a-kind and personalized.

Many craft store sites offer hundreds of free craft patterns and how-to tips. Whether you want to make something from fabric, paper, wood or other materials, you can find tips and instructions for making Valentine gifts on popular crafting sites.

Chocolate, cookies and other sweets are classic home cooked gifts that are sure to please any sweet-toothed sweetheart on Valentine's Day. Candy crafts are especially nice gifts to make for Valentine's Day.

Personalize cookies and cakes with iced greetings, or cut out cookies, fudge or tarts into heart shapes. Bake a heart shaped cake. Cut cheese or sandwiches into heart shapes.

Everyone loves a handmade heartfelt Valentine ... the hardest part of the project is deciding what to make!

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