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How to Make Your Own Gift Tags

It's easy to make your own gift tags using clip art, a word processor and blank business card sheets.

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If you're handy with Microsoft Word or you own another similar word processing program, find the preloaded templates for printing business cards, to make do it yourself gift tags.

You can also use free set up templates provided by business card stock manufacturers like Avery - simply download the template that matches the business card printer sheets you've got and works with your word processing program.


Once you fill your printer with the pre-scored card sheets and load the corresponding card template into your software program, you can quickly create your own unique gift tags or crafts hang tag designs using your computer and ink jet printer.

Insert a picture from any clip art or photo image you have available. Resize the picture to use no more than half the width and leave some space around all sides or it won't fit and will be cut off when your cards print.

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Using the program features and options on your software, add text in your choice of font, color and size, then position it on the card, arranged above, below or beside your image.

Once you've designed a card you like, copy and paste it into the rest of the template, or if you're using a program that automatically repeats, select that option.

Preview your printed page on the screen, then try a test print to make sure everything fits and aligns properly on the card. When you're pleased with the results, you're ready to print as many sheets of gift tags or hang tags as you need, then fold and tear cleanly apart along the perforations.

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