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How to Print Safe Baby Footprints

Learn how to make safe, non-toxic baby footprints for your scrapbook or baby birth record book.

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How to Make Safe Footprints of Your Baby's Feet and Hands

When you make a scrapbook page for your precious baby you'll want to be sure to include a print of your sweet little baby's tiny feet.

Baby foot print by

When you make a baby footprint, be sure you use an ink that's safe for your baby, or follow this transfer method for making a safe baby footprint using a regular ink pad.

Purchase a babysafe footprint ink pade, or a non-toxic acid free ink pad in the color of your choice.

To take baby's footprint without getting ink on those tiny feet, you can use this transfer print method.

Stamp Baby's Scrapbook Footprints

Take a piece of clean plastic food wrap and gently wrap it around your baby's foot. The plastic wrap will cling to itself, so you don't need to use anything to tie the wrap on your baby's leg.

Press the plastic wrap gently into folds between tiny toes. Smooth out any wrinkles and gently wrap extra wrap gently around baby's ankles to hold it in place for a few minutes.

Place inkpad against baby's covered foot and press gently but firmly to apply a coat of ink.

Press inked foot against a clean sheet of paper, then set aside to dry. You've now made your transfer print. Remove plastic wrap from baby's foot and discard.

When baby's footprint is completely dry, you can cut it out and paste it into your baby's scrapbook or memory book, or scan it to make copies to use in a digital scrapbook or to design birth announcements.


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