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Printable Gift Card Money Holder Petal Box

Print and cut small gift box to present a gift card or a gift of money in an attractive container.

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Money Holder or Gift Card Box

Printable petal envelope gift boxPrint this gift card or money holder box craft sheet page, cut out around the outside edges and fold along the dotted lines to make a unique gift envelope or box.

Overlap each petal and tuck final petal under to hold together, or use a sticker to fasten your box / envelope at the top.

For best results, print gift box on card stock or heavy photo paper.

Click image to open a printer friendly page with this petal box craft printable.

This printable Petal Shaped Gift Box is just one of the many creative gift boxes, gift wrap ideas and free party favor treat bag patterns featured in this article I wrote about Instant Gift Wrap Ideas.

Petal shaped box printable

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